Ultimate Reflector Kit

8-Inch f/6 Ultimate Reflector Kit by Stargazer Steve


It provides a unique way to experiment with Telescope Optics and find out how to make them work together to make a powerful astronomical instrument. This makes an ideal project for families , groups of students, and stargazers. As a solid-tube
telescope it protects the optics from dew and dust, as well as stray light. As an open tube telescope it cools down quickly and
is free of the effects of tube currents. It changes from one mode to the other in a flash. For storage and transport the tube “shrinks” to less than half its full length (24″).

The introductory Price is $529.00 + $45.00 S&H = $574.00
Do not send payment now. If you are interested email Stargazer
Steve at <stargazer @isys.ca> and your name will be added to the waiting list. Stargazer Steve will contact you when an Ultimate Reflector kit is nearing readiness and available for you. (Canadians please contact Stargazer Steve for a quote including
relevant provincial and federal taxes)

Length of Tube Assembly in Use: 49″
Minimum Eyepiece Height: 38″
Maximum Eyepiece Height: 54″

Weight of Tube Assembly: 36.3 Lbs
Weight of Mount: 21.6 Lbs
All Up Weight: 57.9 Lbs



View each of these short videos now, and again at each stage of the Kit Experience.

These videos show exactly what is involved in building and using the Ultimate Reflector Kit, and what you can find out about Telescopes through the Ultimate Kit Experience!

Ultimate Reflector Kit Videos