Newly Updated 4 1/2 Stargazer Steve 4 1/2-inch Deluxe Reflector Kit!


The 4 1/2-inch Deluxe Reflector Kit returns with a new design.  Build it at home in an afternoon and unlock the celestial vistas with it the same evening! The enjoyable activity provides hands-on knowledge of lenses and mirrors, then opens a gateway to a Universe of viewing! The Moon, Stars, Planets, and even galaxies are more thrilling to observe using an instrument put together with your own hands.
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6-InchTTR-ssA Six-inch f/5 Telescope offers the greatest performance available in a small package, whether the objects of interest are star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, or the moon, sun, and planets. Never is this more true than in the case of this Truss-Tube Telescope, which combines extreme portability with the classic performance of a 6 six-inch scope , elegance, and exceptional structural and dynamic stability.
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Ultimate Reflector Kit

8Inch_urkpp2-miniThe Eight-Inch f/6 Ultimate Reflector Kit combines the advantages of both Solid-Tube and Truss Tube Telescopes in this unique design. It provides a unique way to experiment with Telescope Optics and find out how to make them work together to make a powerful astronomical instrument. This makes an ideal project for families , groups of students, and stargazers. As a solid-tube telescope it protects the optics from dew and dust, as well as stray light. As an open tube telescope it cools down quickly and is free of the effects of tube currents. It changes from one mode to the other in a flash. For storage and transport the tube “shrinks” to less than half its full length (24″).                             Find out more about this scope!