Step-by-Step Videos

If you’ve just bought A Deluxe Reflector Kit, you’re no doubt wondering how to put it together. We’ve made it easy for you by following these simple Step-by-Step videos. With this fun project, you’ll likely be observing with your new telescope the same night!

Part 1: Introduction & Checking out the Heart of the Telescope

Part 2: Attaching the Tube Box Sides to the Mirror Cell

Part 3: Attaching the Top and Bottom to the Sides

Part 4: Assembling the Heart of the Mount

Part 5: Assembling the Top of the Mount

Part 6: Finding the Mirror’s Center of Curvature

Part 7: “Pictures” Painted by Reflection

Part 8: The Newtonian Focus

Part 9: Installing the Secondary Stage

Part 10: Checking the Alignment of the Secondary Mirror

Part 11: Checking the Alignment of the Primary Mirror

Part 12: Completing the Tripod

Part 13: Focusing and Viewing

Part 14: Adjusting the Finder

More Videos to come! Please check back regularly for more parts.