4 1/2-inch Deluxe Reflector Kit

Returning soon … An Updated Classic…

The New Stargazer Steve 4 1/2-inch Deluxe Reflector Kit!


Build it at home in an afternoon and unlock celestial vistas with it the same evening! The enjoyable activity provides hands-on knowledge of lenses and mirrors, then opens the gateway to a universe of viewing! The Moon, Stars, Planets, and even galaxies are even more thrilling to observe using an instrument with your own hands.

Everything you need is in the box, including all optics, the eyepiece, the tube, and the mounting! The height of the Telescope can be changed when the provided triangular “legs” are added to the Teflon-equipped Dobsonian “Ground Board” or removed without tools as needed.

A “red dot” finder for easy aiming is part of the original equipment. Check this spot in the Spring of 2020 for a video introduction!


The 4 1/2-inch f/8 Concave Mirror collects 480 times as much light as the human eye, making distant star clusters, nebulae, and even galaxies visible. With a focal length of 36 inches (90 cm) it will also reveal a wealth of fascinating detail on the Moon and Planets. The magnification with the included eyepiece is 36 power (True Field 1 1/4 Degree), and optional extra eyepieces available (no shipping cost if ordered with the Kit).

Medium Power Eyepiece: W70-10) 90 Power, Field 0.77 Degree

High Power Eyepiece: W70-6) 150 Power, Field 0.47 Degree

A field of view of 0.5 Degree would just fit the Moon.

The Kit is designed to be built in less than half an afternoon, and the Telescope will be ready to use the same night. All parts and necessary components are provided! Exterior finishes can be applied to the mount before extended use. No tools are needed beyond a screwdriver and pliers.

At this time, potential Kit Builders are asked to email Stargazer Steve at stargazer@isys.ca to be notified when the Kit is ready to ship. The price is expected to be less than $200.00 excluding extra eyepieces.

A detailed price quote including any desired extra eyepieces will be provided by email.

Length of Tube: 38″

Weight of Mounted Telescope: 15.7 lbs (7.1kg)
Weight of Tube Assembly – 7.3 lbs (3.3kg)
Weight of Mount – 8.4 lbs (3.8kg)

Minimum Height of Eyepiece (looking horizontally): 34 inches

Maximum Height of Eyepiece (looking up): 48.5 inches

Note: These heights can be quickly reduced by 9 inches if desired. Details will be shown in a video soon to follow on this website.