Ultimate Reflector Kit Videos

View each of these short videos now, and again at each stage of the Kit Experience.

These videos show exactly what is involved in building and using the Ultimate Reflector Kit, and what you can find out about Telescopes through the Ultimate Kit Experience!

VIDEO 1 –  The Measure of the Mirror:  What is the size and shape of your objective mirror’s curve? How can we measure the depth of the curve?

VIDEO 2 –  Building the Mount:  Using pre-formed plywood pieces, and parts with aluminum and teflon to make a portable base that holds the telescope steady,  allowing it to move smoothly for aiming.

VIDEO 3 – Building the Scope – Part 1:  Creating a structure that supports the optics securely and allows them to be aimed precisely.

VIDEO 4 – Finding the Mirror’s Center of Curvature:  What happens to the reflected image of your eye as it approaches the mirror’s center of curvature? 

VIDEO 5 – Images at the Center of Curvature:  Locating the center of the primary mirror using a compact fluorescent bulb and its image. 

VIDEO 6 – Building The Kit – Part II:  Completing the top end of the telescope and adding the focuser.

VIDEO 7 – Images at the Focal Point:  Imaging distant views with the telescope.

VIDEO 8 – Imaging the Sun:  Imaging an astronomical object at the prime focus. Why is the focal length half of the radius of curvature?

VIDEO 9 – The Second Mirror:  How to mount the flat diagonal “secondary” mirror and the advantage it creates. How to align the Secondary Mirror.

VIDEO 10 – Magnifying the Image:  Forming images of the Sun and Moon at the newtonian focus. Magnifiers and Eyepieces to enlarge the image. 

VIDEO 11 – Aligning the Primary Mirror:  Using the included Rigel “A-line” Device to align the Primary Mirror.  

VIDEO 12 – Setting Up for Observing:   Aligning the Finder and other steps to optimize your observing experiences.

VIDEO 13 – Calling it a Night:  COMING SOON!  How to keep your telescope ready for your next night out.